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"I had a really good experience with Lingua Translation Services. The translation was perfect and delivered timely both via email and via post. Communication with the team was flawless and professional."

Fiona Linchin
CEO, Nyrato LTD

"The service was quick, reasonably priced and the translation seemed perfectly fine when I received it. I have no complaints at all."

Jason Fletcher

How can you authentically expand your business today? — Clear, concise translation. 

For every type of business, being fully understood by clients is an absolute must. Simple steps like expanding your online presence internationally, offering translated user manuals, and the ability to outsource across the globe are surefire ways to establish yourself as a business owner. And the best part? We’re here to do all the work for you. 

It’s all in the details

If attention to detail is what gives you life, then our translation plus editing services might be the business solution that you’ve been searching for. As one of our most tailored approaches to translation, our editing service allows clients to tell us exactly what they need. Whether you are looking for SEO optimization, translated content that fits your brand’s voice, or just a second set of eyes on your document to ensure it is well-written -- our editing services will optimize your translated material. 

Translation plus editing is simply our most effective approach to translation. We will first choose between our human translation or machine translation methods to determine which best fits the job. Then, once your document has been fully translated, one of our editors will take over to make sure the material is well written and edited properly. And just like that, your documents will be fully translated, easy to read, error free, and ready to go. 

Our special services :

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    Document Translation

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    Technical Translation

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    Website Translation

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    Software Localization

A few of our specialties 

Legal Translation
When it comes to sworn statements and court documents, translation accuracy and clearly expressing the meaning of a text is so important. Our translators and editors are certified, experienced, and professional. 
Personal Translation
Corporate Documents

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