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I needed their service to translate my ID into English and got my document back in 24 hours. Would highly recommend!

Ashley Cavanaugh
Office Manager, Cavanaugh Law Group

Occasionally, we request translations for more detailed and complex documents such as clients’ sworn statements. The sworn statements are typically written by our clients and many of them do not have a good command of their native language and lack in good writing skills. Therefore, the translations can be more difficult for I&R Global. Nonetheless, I&R Global works diligently to make sure the translations are not compromised.

Emmy Parris
Legal Assistant/Office Manager, The Flores Law Firm

Let Our Software Do the Work For You

With modern technology at its core, our AI-powered Express Translation service will have your materials translated and returned to you instantly. Advanced algorithms provide the fastest possible translation, ideal for time sensitive projects. 

The human beings behind I&R Global Translation know technology. We know how to utilize today’s most advanced software to cut down business costs and decrease turnaround time for projects. Our express translation service is the fast, efficient, modern solution that your company has been waiting for. 

Machine Translation, Tailored Specifically For You

Versatility is at the heart of what we do. We want to help as many businesses as we can, and tailor our work to your company's specific needs. Our express translation service is designed to work with a vast array of document types from legal, commercial, and technical documents to website and software tools such as apps. Striving to satisfy customers everyday, we are constantly working with you and your business in mind. 

Why not utilize today’s modern technology? 

Technology is just about everywhere these days, so why not use it to make your life easier? Our express translation services are powered by AI and backed by experienced software designers and translation experts. Crafted by humans and perfected by technology, our express translation service is the perfect solution for any individual or business with translation needs. Document translation, technical translation, website translation, and software localization are only a few ways that we are striving to help you grow your company. 

Special Solution:

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    Document Translation

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    Technical Translation

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    Website Translation

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    Software Localization

Document Translation
Legal documents, sworn statements, birth certificates, and other immigration materials such as passports and ID cards, are only a few of the many ways that our express services can work for our clients. 
Technical Translation
Website Translation
Software Localization

Our Expertise & Expert Approach

I&R Global Translation is set apart from our competitors with our decades of expertise and dedication to our customers. Express translation is only one of the many ways we can help your business, so we will work with you to find the absolute best fit for your company's needs. Machine learning technology is the foundation of our express translation service, but there are real people behind this technology, who are here to help you.

Starting with a consultation, we will work with you to find which of our services makes the most sense. Our coordinators will help you narrow down different translation options for your specific situation, evaluate pricing options, and ensure timely delivery of projects. Professionalism and transparency are some of our core values. We believe that building a strong relationship with our customers will help you build strong relationships with your clients, and so on. 

Legal Documents
Credibility and quality are absolutely vital when it comes to legal translation. Our certified legal translation services are far reaching and often look different for each individual client. We can translate legal court documents, legal documents for businesses, and even birth certificates and immigration documentation. Accuracy is a must when translating legal documents and we do not take this task lightly. 
Commercial Translation
Technical Documents
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